Seasonal Vaccinations

The importance of taking measures to immunise against potentially dangerous infection is critical, especially during overseas travel. Capstones flu clinic program provides essential flu vaccinations based on your individual health and travel needs.

Seasonal Vaccinations

Why you should seek Immunisation?

Immunisation builds the body’s natural defences to infection by using the existing infection fighting mechanisms of your body. An immunisation vaccine will stimulate the necessary defensive cells in order to teach your body to fight certain types of infections. Without the correct vaccines, you could be susceptible to infection by foreign agents that are absent in your home country. This risk is easily negated through the vaccination program accessible through our flu clinic.

Is vaccination safe?

Capstones vaccination program meets Australia’s legal requirements as set out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

How long before you travel should you seek vaccination?

Vaccinations generally become effective within a 14 day period preceding the program.  


Will I be able to receive a vaccination?

Some people may not be able to take part in our vaccination program due to allergies to chicken feathers or eggs, or if you have a known allergy to past vaccinations.

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