About Capstone Health

About Capstone Health

Capstone Health provides expert workplace health programs to proactively manage and address workplace health as a strategic business input.

Our programs and support packages offer a comprehensive suite of occupational and travel medicine services nationwide; with centralised overarching medical directorship to ensure quality and consistency are delivered at each moment.

Periodic medical checks are delivered using onsite deliver models and are supported by a fully integrated digital health platform such that your business and people can have access to the best care and support, regardless of the location. We offer Occupational Physician consulting services alongside health surveillance, injury management and employment medical delivery as a clinically integrated one stop shop.

Our key packages offer a full clinical governance and risk management approach to each business we work with. Our medical and health teams providing insight and expert guidance  to negotiate evolving Occupational Health and Safety regulatory environments whilst getting the best out of your people. A partnership with Capstone Health allows you to take control and stay ahead of the game.

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