Injury management

After any work or non-work related injury, an early and clear medical diagnosis is critical to ensuring an effective and full recovery.

Injury Management and Return to Work Coordination

Our Doctors actively engage and support effective approaches to workplace injury management and provide ongoing proactive case management support such that no worker is left isolated in the system and return to work outcomes are optimised.

Capstone Health provides a continuity of care despite challenging FIFO logistics, as well as a superior understanding of work and home environments to get people better and back to normal functioning

Capstone Health injury management network includes an in-house physiotherapy team to ensure a truly multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to early intervention theory

Our Remote Site Comprehensive Support package

  • Prioritised on call medical and injury management service with  Priority Medical Review appointments via our 1300 Oncall and Telehealth support service
  • Same day imaging and referral appointments are coordinated prior to arrival to the nearest reliable centre
  • Injury management coordinators organise transport from airport to all appointments and chase reports and certification from external providers
  • Telehealth consultations via smartphone and tablets to “check in” and make regular contact with injured workers; particularly those who reside in remote locations ion a FIFO workforce and during longer claims
  • Phone contact with Injury Management and Insurer Case Management contacts immediately following consultation
  • Preparation of injury management, Fitness for Work and Medicolegal reports within 48hrs
  • Proactive Case Conferencing with all treating practitioners
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