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Capstone Corporate Health was conceived in response to the collective voice of industry and its need for reliable, relevant and intuitive medical services.

We pride ourselves on our open and approachable nature. Service is a dynamic concept and evolves as the global outlook changes, as industry changes and as businesses and its people change.

Let Capstone Corporate Health be your strategic business partner in negotiating complex OSH environments through proactive health risk assessments and health optimisation of your people

Capstone Corporate Health Services
Capstone Health Medicals

Capstone Health’s core business is the provision of effective employment medical services, including health surveillance programs and pre-employment medicals.

A National Bookings system allows our expert panel of doctors to assess and review all medicals based on your specific operation requirements.

Our doctors are personally available to discuss findings as they relate to your business and provide critical human resource risk management advice

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Injury Management

After any work or non-work related injury, an early and clear medical diagnosis is critical to ensuring an effective and full recovery. Our Doctors actively engage with their patients to support them in taking effective approaches to workplace injury management and provide ongoing case management support with proactive advice and telehealth support such that no worker is left isolated and return to work outcomes are optimised.

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Many corporate health providers offer video conferencing; Capstone Health provides a fully integrated telehealth and digital health platform that supports and augments remote health services and practitioners.

We have a proven support model which is used by blue chip companies in the mining and offshore; and ensures regional access to the highest quality doctors and advice.

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Expert Doctors

Our team of experienced Doctors understand your business and work environment.

Industry Leading Outcomes

Only the best Doctors can deliver the best injury management outcomes.

Responsive and Accessible

Our Doctors take time to provide you with the advice that will make all the difference to a successful outcome.

Cost Effective Services

Without compromising on quality and safety, we provide one of the most cost effective services in the industry.


We provide a number of innovative service delivery options including 24/7 Telemedicine support and full electronic form integration.

Online Booking

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